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Discover new music from friends, artists and curators. Live broadcast what you're listening to and listen together. Find live music events based on music you like for the ultimate experience.

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Get To Know EarMashin

Our new mobile app makes it easy to share and discover new emerging artists!

  • Curate Playlists

    Create playlists from over 100 million songs available through Soundcloud

  • Live Broadcast

    Share your daily soundtrack with your followers and listen together in real-time

  • Discover New Music

    Listen to other curators such as friends, influencers or artists in real-time to find new music

  • Experience It Live

    Find info on local music events and purchase tickets all within the same app

New Way to Discover Music

EarMashin makes it easier to discover new emerging music in a unique way. Using EarMashin you are able to Listen-In to friends, artists, and curators in real-time & discover new music. Users are able to broadcast what they are currently listening to in real-time and other users can jump in to listen together. This allows you to passively share what you are listening to, making it an easy way to share and discover new emerging music. By connecting to the Soundcloud library, which is the largest music library of any music platform, you are able to listen to over 100 million tracks from artists all over the world.

  • Follow your friends and find out what they are listening to
  • Listen-In to what your friends are listening to in real-time
  • Listen to curated playlists from brands, artists, music curators, influencers and more

Discover New Music Live!

EarMashin connects to a number of ticketing sites giving you an easy way to browse thousands of live music events. Find events based on your location and buy tickets directly from your phone.

Find Events Anywhere

Find events based on your location without leaving the app.

Get Tickets

Find an event you like? Purchase the tickets right from your phone.

Large Variety

Connecting to a number of sites gives you access to a large variety of events.

Plan Ahead

Learn more info about an event such as location, artists performing, ticket price to plan your experience.

Discover New Artists

Discover new emerging music and find your next favorite artist.

Experience It Live!

Get the ultimate experience and listen to your favorite artist perform live.


Preview of the EarMashin app in action. Give it a test run & download it at the App Store today!

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